Awakening The Healing Power Within Holistic Nutrition And Natural Therapies

Awakening the Healing Power Within is based on my twenty-five years of experience as a health and wellness professional and intuitive healer. It is through the process of counseling hundreds of clients and doing independent research on holistic nutrition and natural therapies that has led me to this point. As a medium, a large part of this book has been channeled during meditation. It is through the help of ascended masters, spirit guides, archangels, and departed healers that enabled me to synthesize these ideas into a coherent book.Awakening the Healing Power Within is designed for individuals to take back their power and learn how to heal themselves. It was Hippocrates who said, "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool." The intention of this book is to educate and inform the reader so that they may become an advocate for their own health. The only person who can save you from disease and illness is yourself. It is the responsibility of each person to take a proactive approach to their health and wellness.Awakening the Healing Power Within takes the reader from beginning to end on their wellness journey. Within this book are all the resources and information you will need to take back and reclaim your vitality, health, and longevity. It gives information on how to heal the mind, body, and soul from a holistic approach. It is only through mastering all three aspects that true healing is possible. By taking small actionable steps every day toward wellness, the reader will undoubtedly become an improved version of themselves and create changes in their health that seems like miracles. We all have the innate capacity to heal ourselves, as we are spiritual beings having a brief human experience. It is through these spiritual abilities that we possess in each of us and is our birthright that will lead us back to our true state, which is perfect health. Remember, our bodies were designed to function with optimal health, not disease and illness, as most of us have become accustomed to.

by Michael Palma

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