Bana Fine Irish Pizza: The Story of Guido and Luigi Banafasi

Adventures, and misadventures, with eccentric characters, fill this quirky read about two brothers, abandoned by their mother (a convent novitiate nun).

Luigi and Guido grow up with an adopted father who rubbed pigs and an Irish mother who danced for a living. When their professions died out, they started an Irish pizza restaurant in the pork capital of Italy. The green dough and unique flavors made it a hit.

After their 5th year of high school, the formally conjoined twins make their way from Italy to New ark – a suburb of New York City, to find their fame and fortune.

Their innocence in their travels and ‘interesting decisions' make this riotous book a must read.

The opening of their restaurant in the Kennington Court area in Newark is absurdity at its best.

Their sister, also abandoned by the same mother, joins them later with her own humorous journey on the same ship the twins came over on -- ‘The New Sole', and then travels with them to a raucous pizza convention in North Carolina.

The business is slow in Kennington Court until they decide to make green pizza in honor of their parents, using locally sourced ‘Oregano' to make it green.

That's when it gets even more interesting!


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