Bedtime Rhymes: Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and Jill were badly mistreated by their stepmother, who fed the dog more than she fed the children. When they decide to run away, little do they know that their stepmother is a witch who has enchanted all the waters of the forest. When Jack drinks from a brook, he turns into a deer and eventually leads Sister Jill to King Philpot, whom she marries. However, the witch has followed them, and one day Jack stumbles upon her. Needing him for her devious plan, the witch changes him back into a boy and arranges for him to plant the magic beans from which the beanstalk will grow. Once Jack has killed one giant and assumes his rightful place in his father's castle, word spreads and people from other villages come to him, hoping Jack can solve their giant problems as well.

by Lynne Walter

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