Being Single...A Man's Perspective

Contained within is one man's journey through life, accounting fifty years of experiences to seek and find the perfect life mate, if, in fact, such a person exists. It chronicles both the humorous and serious encounters he experiences over this time. At the same time, he learns valuable lessons about himself and the true value of life and relationships. Over these many years, he gains knowledge and insights as his environment and experiences change due to life's many twists and turns. As he matures and grows intellectually, he realizes what he has to offer to others through his experiences and what he has learned about himself and those closest to him as well as strangers he meets along this meaningful journey through life. One valuable lesson he learns and carries through life in his latter years is that it is important to take responsibility for all that happens in your life and not hold others responsible for your successes or failures.

by Joe Montecalvo

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