Bethesda Daze

Bethesda Daze is a look behind the curtain, detailing the experiences of a young mental-health worker working in a private psychiatric hospital in the mid-seventies. These are stories of successes, of failures, of mistakes, and of personal and professional growth. Bethesda Hospital was a place where people gained perspective on life's challenges. It was a place where, at times, it was difficult to see the differences between staff and patients.The mid-seventies was a time when there were many psychiatric facilities. Patients came voluntarily and stayed for weeks and months. The job of the staff was to develop and maintain a therapeutic attitude that was supportive, challenging, and helpful. Guided by professionals, primarily psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, each patient had an individualized treatment plan. The staff promoted an environment of trust where difficult issues could be addressed in a safe setting.

by Morri Namasté

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