Between Two Rivers

Abigail Whitney had studied music most of her life. After graduating high school and working a final year with her music professor, she was encouraged to go to New York and continue her studies.

As time drew near for her departure, she realized more and more that this was her father's dream and not hers. After meeting a certain gentleman, she knew her destiny lay in River City and not in New York.

This is an old-fashioned story taking place in a much simpler time. A time when families worked together in the good times and also through the hard times. A time when neighbors were made to feel welcome. If help was needed, it was given freely and then returned in small ways many times over.

As Abby and her husband begin their family, the projection of an old board game began to come true with five little boys. Family stories were remembered and shared around the dinner table and retold for the next generation.

by Margaret Van Epps

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