Beyond A Great Night's Sleep!

This book was written with the sincerest hope of helping people get the most out of their bedtime. Few things in life are more important for a healthy, productive, and happy life than getting high quality sleep every night. As humans, we obviously need rest and sleep. This is how we are designed. Beyond this though, and more importantly, we need our rest to be sound and we need it to be enough. There are eighty suggestions within these pages on achieving, conquering, and experiencing better sleep. Many suggestions you may have never heard of like brushing and flossing your teeth before going to bed. Or why you should consider having flowering plants in the bedroom. The suggestions presented are simple and many do not cost anything to implement. The author has elaborated on what has worked for him over the course of time. He has developed the ideas and suggestions that will work for anyone. Additionally, the more ideas you take action on in this book, the more success you likely will have in getting more meaningful and tranquil sleep. This book is just one effective tool for making a better life for yourself. Here's wishing all my readers health, happiness, and success in all that life brings!

by Kevin Downing

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