Beyond All Lies

Creltis is made up of three kingdoms: Inora, Thalnos, and Kaelon. At the age of nineteen, Elara found herself a princess orphan living with her stepparents and stepbrother, Bron. Since the loss of her father, she had roamed the lands of Creltis doing the dirty work for the crown of Inora. After giving report of her latest assignment, Elara is tasked with infiltrating Thalnos, the strongest kingdom in Creltis, by courting their prince, Kal Astor. Elara struggles with her loyalty to Inora and her father's memory while dodging the romantic advances from the prince. Her life takes drastic changes as she confronts the betrayals, lies, and secrets that were kept away for her safety…and somehow, as she wishes to be back roaming in her saddle, save Creltis from war it hasn't seen in centuries.

by L. G. Mosher

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