Black Winter

Vidar, a gigantic grotesque brute of a man, embraces a girl, Freya, who has been sent out of her village to die quickly in the frigid temperatures at the beginning of Black Winter. During Black Winter, the sun does not rise for more than twenty-six cycles of the moon—more than two years. The brute pledges himself as her champion, to see her through it alive, and her acceptance of him in this role is only his first challenge. In addition to winning her trust, he must provide for her needs. Vidar must deliver the food necessary to quiet the noises her hungry belly makes. He is responsible for the coverings required to prevent the cold from seeping into her young bones. Finally, Vidar must provide for her shelter, where she will feel safe and protected.The brute is willing to stand before man, the beasts of the wild, and the relentless Black Winter's bitter cold and storms that rage for days to protect his charge. Despite having never experienced any compassion during his wretched life, Vidar is a good and decent man, and his love of this girl fuels his resolve. He willingly faces every adversity and adversary with ferocity that is tempered only by the knowledge she will not survive without him.

by Pete Chaytor

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