BlackHeart's Treasure

Making friends of little old ladies isn't always the wisest thing to do especially when they're the great-great-great-granddaughter of BlackHeart, the pirate whose maps to where he buried his treasures had never been found. Never been found, that is until the Larkin family comes along.

Relive the times in stories told by Robert Louis Stevenson and portrayed by Walt Disney. Stories of adventurous people following an old map to where X indicates that something of value should be buried there. But don't let Swifty Blackwater and his band of modem day cutthroats—Yello D'awg (the hooded man), Maggoot, Blind Pilot, Ruflus, Fred, Jimy, Eddy, Tall Ed, Chit, and Toothless Terry know you've joined the crew of BlackHeart's brig, the SeaHound.

by T. W'ski

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