Blood Drive

Rick Sinclaire was a man that grew up surrounded by death. Born and raised in the Chesapeake area of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Rick had been locked up in prison and had served almost twenty years for second degree murder. When Rick got out of prison he thought that he had controlled his dark, warped anger, and his blood-thirsty rage. Rick had made friends when he was inside, got a job, and started his new life. But when things began to look too good, death and his inner rage came back unexpectedly and had him pinned up against the wall. This new murder case had his hands all over it, again. Only this time, the blood on his hands, may be closer to him than he thought. Rick Sinclaire had been trying to run away from death his whole life. Not only was he fighting with his inner demons, he was fighting corrupt law enforcement, a fight that goes back ten years and 150 miles away in Baltimore: this ten-year-old murder case that involved rape back in Baltimore ends up going to the beach towns of Maryland. How can a ten-year-old rape case help Rick with the current murder case he was involved in? With Rick growing up with death in his life and within his family, can he also overcome his darkest demons and run from the police? Rick Sinclaire, the anti-hero protagonist, a man who just wanted to get back on the tracks from his derailed train called life, had been trying to run away, not only from death, but himself, the whole time.

by Joey Amaral

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