Blood in the Dust

Cal Ross was hungry and broke, and in desperation, he agreed to help Skinny Lacy rob army payroll. But Lacy double-crossed him, took all the money, and caused Ross to be sent to prison. But not for long. He was out now and bent on revenge.

Thinking that Cole and Casey were bank robbers, the citizens of the town of Station Four fired on them, killing Casey. And unless Cole ran, he could meet the same fate. The only escape was across the desert and without a horse or water. But dying wasn't an option. He knew who the real bank robbers were, and they had to pay.

Duff stiffened, and his face became ghostly pale; Squeaky shuddered. It was no longer just a robbery—it was murder! It had gone from jail time to hanging—and hanging wasn't an option.

“Hands up!” Devin demanded.

The man on either side of Big Red quickly obliged—Big Red didn't.

“I ain't sceered o' ya,” Big Red exclaimed, “and if'n ya don't drop them guns, I'm gonna kill ya!”

Just then from behind the three men, Boris spoke, “One move, Red, and you're dead!'

by Carl Rayford Roberts

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