Bloodied for the Cause: One Man's Personal History of Auto Union Politics Since 1969

The book reveals the inner workings of a large union taken from newspaper and union officials accounts.

The story involves several union officers, how they related to each other in their rise in union power, and how they shared and honed their respective skills over the years to the rank and file, which they all had represented in their early days. Only to find after years of elective office and elevated movement to the top within that union, community and state. How some selected a path of corruption, lies, and deceit to that same membership years later. Never wanting to give up that sweet taste of power and would do anything in order to keep it, including cover-ups and murder!

The clash that followed takes us down a road that leads to men losing their lives for what was right and what they believed in.

The story reveals some of the inner workings of that powerful union and those who ran said union for that period of time. The story looks into the lives of the men who dedicated their lives to those who are just in it for their own self interests. The individuals who are not going to let anyone upset their power drunkenness and whatever it took to stay on that elected throne.

The book goes on to tell of the men who were and are determined to expose and weed them out. At times causing great risk to themselves for their courage to taking a stand and holding it no matter what the price they had to pay.

by William Bisbing

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