Bonding with My Ancestors

Ndudi Momba consequently transformed the dilapidated hut of his murdered parents into the great Momba kingdom. Several generations later, despite household enemies and contentious neighbors, Odumodu, a blood descendant of Ndudi Momba, from the favored lineage of Ogwugwu kingdom, became king after his father Odum, as directed by the gods.

Odumodu was chosen by the gods, through multiple and consecutive dreams to crystalize the spiritual rebirth of Obaji festival and Momba kingdom by extension.

Odumodu succeeded because he promptly delivered the spiritual message that transformed Obaji festival, married Nkoli as directed by the gods and made masquerade dance a significant part of the festival. His unique masquerade performance brought additional fame to the kingdom in line with the desire of the gods.

Momba kingdom vanquished local and foreign invaders because the gods had tenaciously bonded with respective generations.

by Sam Kanu

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