Broken Hearts...Mended

Every generation has felt the sting of parental alcohol abuse. Our numbers are staggeringly high. Only God can possibly know to what extent lives have been changed for the worse by the scourge that alcohol has become. Anyone who has ever lived in the shadow of a drunkard knows the hurt and humiliation that comes with having done so. At first glance, it would appear that this sin against children is virtually unforgivable. There simply is no excuse for a parent to deal out this kind of grief to those they are charged by God to protect and love. Children of drunkards ultimately become adult children of drunkards. While they have moved on chronologically from their childhood, they still remember the pain. They still have the occasional flashback that will return them to a time of inexplicable feelings of betrayal and even abandonment.

But there is hope. That hope is found in the biblical precept of forgiveness. The author shares his life experiences that have delivered him from an early adulthood engulfed by sorrow and regret to a time when forgiveness was granted—when it hadn't ever been sought. The same equation can be applied to any and all victims of having lived for many years in the belly of the beast.

by Don Stackpole

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