Building a Powerful Foundation: Preparing Your Child for a Happy and Fulfilling Life

You are about to become a parent for the first time, and suddenly you are overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility of raising a child. How do you prepare to be a parent? Will you be a good parent? How can you help your children build a solid foundation of values and behaviors that will support them throughout their life?

This little book should put your mind at ease. It is written by an eighty-year-old grandmother who spent a lifetime observing people, and figuring out what brings the most happiness and fulfillment to life. Rather than focusing on the child, she focuses on preparing the parents for their new role. In an easy to read narrative, the author lays out the values she has grown to believe are the most important, and discusses ways that these values can be passed on to the child.

Her intention is not to impose her beliefs on the readers, but rather to challenge them to build their own list of values. The preparation for being a parent takes a lot of thought and soul searching, but once your own goals and values are clear in your mind, you will be ready to welcome your precious little one into the world, and have confidence that you are ready to be a good parent. It only takes three hours to read Building a Powerful Foundation, but those three hours could have a big impact on how you raise your child.

by Joan Abadi

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