Business CPR: Solving the Profit but No Cash Problem

BUSINESS CPR: Solving the Profit but No Cash Problem is written for every business owner who asks, “How can I have reported profits but no cash in the bank?” The answer to this question is given through an easy-to-apply five-step system that shows what causes profits reported on the P&L statement not to equal cash in the bank.

The book simplifies what others tend to complicate through principle-driven insights to mastering the five core steps to achieving greater cash reserves in the bank from higher profits. It is much more than theory; Business CPR helps the reader learn to appreciate common sense, everyday actions that they can and should be incorporating into their daily routines.

Through this unique book, you will be introduced to a management system that answers the question of why profits aren't equaling cash through the correlation of how Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is used every day to save human life. After reading this book, you will better understand the relationship between cash, profits, and reporting to owning a profitable business with predictable cash flows.

Those who have been introduced to Business CPR have improved the management skills they draw upon to help them truly understand what's holding them back from having more cash in the bank and higher profits. The book won't:

1. Bog you down with an endless series of difficult to answer questions. Nor will it

2. Overwhelm you with the “relevant many” things you should consider in your business. Nor does it

3. Focus on business theories its reader would need a lifetime to apply.

Business CPR is about common sense, everyday actions profitable business owners are using to achieve higher cash reserves in the bank by simplifying the relationship between sales, gross profit, and operating income through better management reporting.

Stop being afraid of your financial statements that are too often complicated by business “experts,” when what's needed is a simplification. Just as those who read Owning a GREAT Business learned the 7-P's that position them to own a great business this third book by Lorin Young is another principal-driven book that clearly identifies the critical few steps required to maintain cash in the bank through higher profits brought on by the consistent application of five easy-to-apply steps found in Business CPR.

by Lorin Young

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