Cabbage the Golden Retriever

Names. We all have them. Some of us when we are born are named after one of our parents, maybe even a grand or great-grandparent. Others might have been named in honor of a close friend who died. But what happens when one is given a name that they don't like? Or it makes them uncomfortable or, worse yet, teased? What if they would rather be called by a nickname they came up with or a friend gave them?Such is the dilemma of Cabbage, a golden retriever, whose given name is Wyatt Lucas but who prefers to be called Cabbage. Daily, Cabbage faces two bullies, Psycho and Manage, two brothers who make it their aim to daily torment Cabbage because of his small size and because of his nickname. Cabbage's closest and best friend is a Chihuahua with the ferocity of one hundred pit bulls and rottweilers put together. The new school year for Cabbage and his friends will undoubtedly teach them a lesson none was expecting but will leave a lifelong impression.Join Cabbage in his first adventure where he discovers the meaning of his given name, where he learns to stand up to bullies without the use of physical force, how to not judge another wrongly without knowing who they are and where they came from and, finally, accept his given name with pride.

by J. Arthur Thomas

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