Cam's Dragon

The story of Cam's Dragon starts in a rather interesting way. One night, I received a call from a lady friend of mine, and she was babysitting a young man, ten, who refused to go to sleep. So in desperation, she called me to tell him a “bedtime story.” I said, “I would be happy to do it.” So she handed the phone to him on speaker, and I started a story of a poor orphan, rescued from the wreckage of a burned-out castle, and how she meet a white dragon in the woods one day, who magically didn't eat her but somehow had been assigned by her mother to be a protector of innocents, instead of fighting for control of land like her brothers black dragons did. And after a short while, not because he was bored but because he had a long day, he finally succumbed to sleep.

But the story fermented in my mind and took hold of almost all of my very thoughts. A white dragon, protector to an orphan waif of unknown origin, except to the dragon. And as the story goes, the waif, now seventeen, becomes friends with the dragon, who had a particular name of Angel.

And as most know of dragon lore, dragon memories go back to the beginning of, as it is said, time, except in this case. And in this case, there is a legend, which perplexes dragons to no end. The story continues with what some would call witches, kings and queens, warriors from faraway lands, and a blind boy named Thomas, who knows more about the legend than dragons. But why and how, only he knows is his secret and yours to ascertain by delving into my creation, Cam's Dragon.

by A. Ben Bacon

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