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I wanted to write a brief summary about this cartoon book. I wrote another self-published cartoon book in 2005. My publisher at that time was in Canada.I enjoy sketching out these cartoons for friends and family. I've been doing it since I was fourteen. Depending on what is on the news and what people are currently talking about—that's how I choose a topic.This year of 2020 is like no other year before. We all must dig deeper and adapt to our new world. When I am sketching out another cartoon, it is very therapeutic for me. I enjoy it! I get my talent from my uncle Bill, my mother's older brother. He worked with Ford Motor Company in 1953. His sketches were selected by the Ford executives to design the Thunderbird in 1955—an American classic. He worked with Ford Motor Company for thirty-four years. But first he was a cartoonist like me. I like the UFO subject. Enjoy!

by Jim Moore

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