A horrific act of terrorism is unfolding on United States soil—not in a large metropolitan city, but in a small rural community…

Catherine, known to most as Cat, is a brash, cocky, fast-talking teenager whose family has moved from life in the city to a small rural town in Kentucky. Due to her love of the outdoors and living off the land, this move excites her. Many would consider her to be a modern-day Annie Oakley. However, her faith and heart of gold frequently get her in hot water with local law enforcement.

She has a love for target shooting, especially extreme long-range, which becomes a borderline obsession. This leads her to seek out Mike—an old, grumpy, retired force recon Marine sniper that thinks Cat is a royal pain in his rear. He does finally agree to coach her, if for no other reason than to get her to stop asking.

During the following months, Cat prepares for the biggest long-range rifle competition in the world. A win would be enough prize money to pay for her and her siblings' education. However, she makes some unsettling observations in her travels leading up to this important competition.

What happens next can be a major turning point in so many lives…

Cat settles into her rifle, slipping into her bubble of concentration. Taking three deep cleansing breaths to lower her heart rate, she says a prayer. She looks through her scope and realizes this is not a competition. This is a matter of life or death and places the lives of many, including her own family, at risk. The next three rounds fired from her rifle will be a tough 1,700-yard, uphill, switching-wind affair.

She places her finger on the trigger and slowly starts to squeeze…

by R C Hilty

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