Christian Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Ever since I was a young child, I fell in love with nursery rhymes and couldn't get enough of them. I read every nursery rhyme that my hands came across. Most of them had deep dark meanings that as a child I could not understand. I often wonder what the author meant. But I loved to look at the illustration and be lost in the world of Mother Goose.

As I looked through the telescope of adulthood and read those rhymes, I saw hidden meanings that were too negative to mention and decided to make a few changes. As a born-again believer, I decided to make some positive changes that even adults would enjoy reading. This book introduces Christian spiritual elements and principles to nursery rhyme lovers. It brings new light to a parent reading a book to their child at night without the fear of deciphering questions that the child might ask, while still enjoying the rich bond of interaction between child and adult.

As a Christian parent, one might feel that these nursery rhyme books are meaningless and silly and that the child should read books that are more meaningful. But the fact that like Humpty Dumpty we can have our lives shattered and God can put the pieces back together. Or like the three blind mice, blindness can be the darkness removed from our eyes causing us to see that we can see the light and that there is hope.

This book can help to develop educational skills and to develop a love for literacy.

by Dr. Dahlia Creese

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