Clean Your Own House, Princess

This book has been accumulating in my head for over fifteen years, and it has taken me three years to write. It is an assembly of chapters written about the clients in my cleaning business.

Out of the over thirty-four clients I was contracted for, perhaps three couples were actually happily married. I would be invited into their homes as a friend, attending parties such as dinner parties, Botox parties, jewelry and Halloween parties. There were many dinners, lunches, and shopping extravaganzas, along with weekends away on girl trips.

These stories are all true in each and every chapter, there was no need to make up one little thing. This book includes sex, lies, betrayals, and fear.

I have written this book for all the gals out there that wish for and wonder about what it is like behind the doors of the big and beautiful homes that most of us dream about and hope to achieve.

Be careful what you wish for, ladies.

by Angel Christine

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