Cold World War

In 1972 the Soviet Union was known as the USSR and consisted of fifteen Soviet republics. East Germany was a satellite state of the USSR, allowing easy access to carry out their main objective, which was to undermine the USA's presence in West Germany. They wanted America to leave Germany and to dissolve NATO. They wanted to create bad moral among the US soldiers. This was Russia's main attempt to undermine the United States military's presence in Europe. Sergeant Bravo was a Vietnam veteran who decided to go back into the army to serve as a sergeant in Germany during this time. Sergeant Bravo quickly learned that the peacetime army he joined in Germany was very different than the army he joined during his service in Vietnam. Sergeant Bravo was still under combat mode, but most of the soldiers around him had never seen combat, which would often cause him to get in trouble. Living as a Mexican American during the height of the civil rights movement he had also faced the same prejudices that African Americans had faced until, and even after the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964. Many of the Anglo soldiers also carried their prejudice over with them in Germany, which also caused many problems for Sergeant Bravo. His mother had passed onto him the instinct on how to get out of trouble. He was a buck sergeant, which was the lowest ranking sergeant in the military, who never thought he would have that much responsibility during his time in Germany, but he ended up helping the NATO community during the Cold War and made the military open their eyes toward race relations.

by Marie Bravo and Raul Jimenez

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