One fall day, John asked his best friend Joe if he would like to drive the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway. Joe agrees and the two men set off in Joe's beat-up cargo van with plenty of snacks, a 35mm camera, and an ornery orange tabby cat named Max. John has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wants to share this trip with Joe and Max before his time runs out. John hasn't had an easy life, but his love of Max and his friendship with Joe has sustained him. The days driving along the winding road are filled with all the colors and sights of the Parkway, and the men and the cat meet people along the way who add even more color to their adventure. Although the days are spent in warm companionship and filled with love and humor, John's nights are filled with fears and shame from his past that he must reckon with before he runs out of time. Ultimately we find that the love and trust that is shared between these three souls is all that John needs to forgive himself, and in the end, embrace his Fate.

by Shelly Harry

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