Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes

What is commitment and why is it so hard to achieve? We've all struggled in love, but if you picked up this book, it means you're ready to end cycles of pain and disappointment and foster a truly fulfilling relationship.Committed will make you reevaluate the way you think about love. It is a relationship manual that unfolds in two parts: the work you'll need to perform on the inside and the seven distinct archetypes you'll encounter on the outside.In the first part of Committed, you'll learn how toreexamine core beliefs you hold about commitment and relinquish harmful assumptions,clear karmic patterns that were passed down to you and heal emotional trauma from your youth,liberate yourself from people and places that no longer serve you and habits that hinder your relationship potential, anddevelop an unshakable sense of self-worth so that you give love not just to another partner but to the right partner.The second half of our book will teach you how toidentify your partner's archetype as well as his strengths, weaknesses, mindset, inclinations, and commitment capacity,determine your own love archetype,make your partner commit based on the needs, fears, and desires of his archetype,navigate successfully through the world of online and in-person dating,build emotional intimacy with your partner,mediate external influences that come between you, and apply real-world solutions to resolve any relationship problem.The goal of Committed is to help you find and keep the love you deserve: an authentic, impassioned relationship that fills you with excitement each morning and puts your mind at ease every night.

by Carmen Harra, Ph.D. and Alexandra Harra

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