Corrupt City: This city has no limits

In the city that has no limits, two possible brothers are torn apart by the law and the criminal element lurking within the streets of Clover City. Growing up together, Victor and Jesse have never foreseen their innocent friendship from childhood becoming deadly. But as the two grow up, their lives take a serious turn in different directions. Jesse learns he has a love for law enforcement, whereas Victor pursues the world of crime and its unforgiving rules.

A disturbing early life experience for Victor turns into a haunting dream that leads him into a life of crime. And now he's got the hunger to want to be the biggest, baddest, and meanest drug lord in the city. Now taken under the wing of a well-known, old-school street hustler by the name of Domino, the hunger is being fed. As he began to be raised by the streets and with the game he is soon challenged with, who can he trust in his own organization and resistance from other crime organizations in the city? Once he gains street credibility, he is soon faced with the threat of Yorktown's top cop and once childhood friend but now considered to be on the opposite side of the tracks.

The suspense starts to build. Rachael, living with the secret of the past, is trying to go on with her life but is still troubled knowing the truth that she has lost two sons to the streets, and one who has done good for himself in life. The loss of her late husband is also weighing in on her as she hangs onto what life she feels she has left.

Jesse's long-time friend and classmate Benecia has come home from college and landed a job at a major bank in town. Reminiscing on past good times may be met with painful memories for Benecia, as the twists and turns of her life unwind in Clover City.

It's a crush between the good and the bad that will only add more fuel to the fire as Corrupt City takes you on a journey to a gritty city that has no limits—just secrets, crime, and deception.

by Larry Mitchell

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