CREATION OF EVOLUTION: Biblical Exegesis 101

Modern world thinking and certain key biblical concepts are contradictory. The solar system and mankind/animals were created—or did evolutionary development do it all? Bibles have been on the witness stand since the scientific revolution and the Age of Enlightenment. It is way past time to deal with the spiny, sticky stories that are causing continuous heated discussions. Let us apply some intelligence, logic, science, and history and resolve the problem—we can do this, and it happens inside these covers.In addition to the resolution of the classic conflicts, philosophically tainted concepts are offered for some heavyweight elusive elements: God's existence and domain, God's Jesus mode, the sin issue, and a few related tidbits.The book does not want to be evangelical. It aspires to dissolve the rift between religion and apparent reality. We now have all the tools before us—extensive science and plenty of history—so let's use our brains, with honest efforts, and make a genuine contribution.

by Charles G. Fisher

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