Culture of One: Retake Control of Your Life

What if you could train your mind to see all the good around you? What if I told you that happiness is a matter of perspective? Many people seem to think inner peace is not a byproduct of struggle but rather a switch to flip then—voila, you're happy. Or they think happiness is only as good as their next relationship. Why? My name is Dr. Terry Jones and I believe the sooner we accept that happiness comes from within us, the sooner we can discover our own Power Tools that will help bring us joy. My goal writing Culture of One is to simply help you maintain a life of personal power and purpose, of internal peace and (yes) happiness. This book will introduce you the tools you need to be happy (no matter your circumstances), then show you how to find them within yourself. Once you become your own Culture of One, you will be empowered to use your own willpower to be the most aware, empathetic, and self-sufficient person you can be. This is not another new age philosophy, it's a pragmatic, psychology-based mind-set that lives inside all of us. Because we all have the choice to be happy every moment of our lives, we really do. Let me show you how.

by Dr. Terry Jones

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