Daddy, I'm Scared

For the past few nights, the girls have been having nightmares. "Daddy, I'm scared!" They describe the creature in the nightmare to their Dad in great detail. Soon after, Dad discovers that this is the same dream he had when he was younger! He then takes them on a trip down memory lane and tells the tale of an epic battle between him and the boogieman!

Narcippa Teague, a.k.a. Sipp, is an aspiring author who has a secret passion for writing stories, poems, and even songs. Never did he think he would go as far as getting his work published because it was just something he would do to pass the time by. He discovered his love for writing while out to sea, serving time in the navy. Writing letters back home to friends and family, he was able to describe his daily routine and excursions to make the reader seem as if they were haze, gray, and underway along with him. Although his first love is the game of basketball, as the saying goes, “Father Time is undefeated.” He's played all of his life from youth, high school, while in the navy, and even received a scholarship to play in college. To this day, he is still dedicated to the sport by coaching and helping at every level. He wishes to continue this love through writing more children's stories, incorporating a basketball theme. Most importantly, being a dedicated family man is where he gets his inspiration from. Just to put a smile on their faces and knowing that they are okay make it all worthwhile.

by Narcippa Teague

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