DaLawn Parrish The Man Who Became a WISE Coach

This colorful memoir captures and highlights the ups and downs of an African American boy who never stopped dreaming, even as he became a man. Coach DaLawn Parrish is a living legend and is not even fifty years old. He has won six Maryland state championships and has nine state final appearances in only seventeen seasons. DaLawn was being raised by his mother in Baltimore City when his little brother accidently set a fire in their tiny apartment that destroyed the kitchen as well as the upper part of the building. His family was forced to move. DaLawn's mother was able to move her young family to Severn, Maryland, but it was in a highly drug-infested area called Pioneer City. When DaLawn was in high school, his mother moved the family to Columbia, Maryland and this is where DaLawn Parrish evolved into a highly decorated prep school football star. He eventually went on to become a star football player at Wake Forest University, however because of his own acknowledged mistakes, a lack of guidance from Wake Forest University, and the business side of professional football, DaLawn was unable to fulfill his dream of making it to the NFL. However, his dreams and plans to be a successful teacher and a winning high school head football coach came true and has been amazing! The journey came with its ups and downs, which included stints as an assistant high school football coach in Howard County, Maryland, a pit stop year as a graduate assistant for the Rutger's University football team, and a total of only four wins in his first three seasons as a head football high school coach. Lastly, Coach DaLawn Parrish's cold and unemotional stone-cold face on the sidelines looks very intimidating during football games. Fans who only see his stoic demeanor on the sidelines will discover a humble side of Coach Parrish they never knew existed. Enjoy!

Coach P was one of those coaches who believed in me when nobody else did. He knew talent when he saw it, and he would get everything that he could out of you. He's one of those coaches you want to play for, you want to make plays for, and you want to make him proud of you. Personally, I don't think I would have gotten the opportunities that came my way when I was coming out of high school without him! I started playing football late, and I made it further than the ones who were most talked about. Ryan Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coach P was the best coach I've ever had. Real live pushed me to be great, and would not accept anything else. He made me want to be great and go show my talents. He strengthened my mentality and helped me take those lessons to become a great man on and off the field. Zach Pascal, Arizona Cardinals

Coach Parrish is not only a great and winning coach, but a mentor and great builder of men especially coming from the circumstances I've come from. During those times, Coach Parrish took me in as his own and helped me become the man I am today. Thank you. Savion Williams, XFL

Coach Parrish helped instill in me a certain toughness/edge about myself that I still carry until this day. The culture he created truly gave us a head start and advantage over others. It has allowed me to understand how to win at every level I play football. John Daka, Houston Roughnecks XFL

Coach DaLawn Parrish is the reason I'm where I'm at currently in my career, which is five years active in the NFL. This man helped me reach my dreams that I thought were impossible to achieve. Coach P pushed me to be the best in every area in my game and as a man. Coach P installed discipline and structure into my life, not only on the field but off the field as well. Coach P wasn't just grooming elite athletes to get a free education and possibly reach the NFL; he was also training young men to become stand-up men! Marcus Allen, Pittsburgh Steelers

by DaLawn Parrish and Gary A. Hughes

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