Dancing Nude in a Periwinkle Garden: (Life through the Eyes of a Teenage Nudist)

Being nudists since they were toddlers, Angel and her sisters experience two vastly different lifestyles--summers with their aunt in a nudist resort and winters with their mother in a highly dysfunctional family.

In their quest to find out if there really is such a thing as "normal," we engage a host of colorful characters where we experience everything from pheromone parties and skinny-dipping to finally getting a peek into the mysterious actions of the Secret Nudist Club.

Also, although Angel's sisters fear their mother is possessed by an evil spirit, Angel is convinced that she, as well as her mother, are actually the victims of a malfunctioning gene passed down to them from her grandfather--a man seriously considered insane.

In this highly humorous adventure that is amazingly revealing and constantly surprising, Angel, her sisters, and even the reader may begin to wonder if there really is such a thing as normal. Maybe we're all just a little insane.

by Lisa "Angel" Lite

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