Darby the Polka Dot Dinosaur

This story brings to children an imaginary friend, Darby, the polka dot dinosaur. Darby, who can turn the color of love, catch vanilla cookie fish from the sky and sing catchy songs, is the answer to a birthday wish made to the mythical pink horse.

Darby makes everyday adventures magical.

Together Darby and his buddy welcome playmates to share the fun of hide and seek, singing and dancing to the hotch, hotcha, ho, haha and catching snowflakes on their tongues. Darby & his buddy share the same birthday. His buddy will be five and he will be a million. They have a party. The pink horse returns to grant their birthday wishes.

At the end of the book is a special page for readers to make their own wishes. The pink horse grants Darby & his buddy the gift of sharing another year.

by Constance Glickman

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