Darkness Follows The Yaeway Chronicles

“If we forget the past, it is impossible to mend the present and pave the way to the future.”

Failure: A word that draped across Ezrak's shoulders like a tattered cloak. For years, he and the Fist of Xyrus fought to better the kingdom of Koyo Sheeta. They were called heros. Standing as paragons of order, while brandishing swords against chaos. They held the respect and love of all those they served.

… Until Farefel.

Now, information held by the captured priest, Octillion, is the Fist's only hope to regain favor with Lord Tarkus. Their mission might offer them a chance at redemption, a hope of washing away their stains of guilt. But at what cost? It is not long before The Fist finds itself stumbling into a dark plot, the shadow of which stretches back millennia, reaching back to the very gods themselves.

by Jason Antares

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