Dear Black Nursing Student

I wrote this book because my journey of becoming a registered nurse was just that--a journey. As a single parent, I feel other women and men in my position need to understand that sometimes in life, you must fight for what you want. For those who desire to become something more than who they are, please understand that not everyone's journey to obtaining a college degree is traditional. If you are persistent and dedicated to your dream, you can achieve it. For some of us, there is no easy way; for some of us, there is no one to pave the way down our path, but you can do it! You may fail a test, you may fail a class, you may fail and be dropped from a program altogether, but keep God first, and you will prevail.After reading this book, I want people to understand that obtaining a college degree is not always a straightforward journey. Graduating from high school and obtaining a bachelor's degree four years later is not everyone's blueprint. I want people to think about their goals and understand that they may hit some speed bumps, roadblocks, stop signs, and detours, but just like me, you will reach your destination! Whether it's nursing school, CDL school, welding school, med school, cosmetology school, business administrative school, and so forth, it can be done, and you are the one to do it.May God bless you!

by LaTonja C. Davis

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