DEAREST FATHER : Finding Salvation Through Sex, Drugs, and Rock n‘Roll

“Dearest Father...” is a collection of letters a woman wrote to God that reflected on her life after being diagnosed with Leukemia. The letters start when she first gets her diagnosis and continue until she enters hospice care. In the letters, Kim reminisces on her childhood and life experiences. Her stories are vivid, detailed, and gritty. She recalls memories of growing up in Atlantic City when “Little Nicky” Scarfo was the resident mob boss. She gives a behind the scenes glimpse of the burlesque and exotic dancing history- from New Jersey to Atlanta, Ga- through the eyes of a child. She reveals enduring tragic and devastating childhood abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, and terminal illness. You will also experience the behind the scenes development of Atlanta's hip hop and nightlife empire, as well as its demise. All through the lens of someone filled with love. Throughout the turmoil, Kim saw the beauty in all of God's creations, down to the smallest ladybug, or flowers thrown in the trash. While her story is filled with heartbreak, the resounding theme of resiliency always shines through. Kim would rely on music, art, and literature to inspire and illuminate. And when no one else was around, and she felt her loneliest, she would always turn to her Heavenly Father. 

by Kim Craig

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