Frinagri has seen its fair share of war, famine, and death. But none of its hardships can compare to the havoc that once plagued its land that was led by the Great Traitor, Msalf. Through sheer numbers in unity and strength in hope, this Great Traitor was defeated by what Frinagri dubs as the Meridian Force. Followers of the Orylium credit this victory to the divine Beings, the rulers of Genosis and the heavenly bodies that reside in the sky. But an evil has returned that has challenged this claim, that has challenged the Beings, and ultimately holds truth to past lies that have been told through generations. Stellarborn, fabled to be descendants from the Beings, are the first targets of this reckoning that has lay dormant for centuries. In a time of great need, heroes will emerge out from the darkness, not from choice but from destiny.

by Alexander Charles

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