Desperate Flight

A violent uprising, a missing corporate jet, and a priceless black diamond make for a desperate flight ending in tragedy. Sam Burke and his company that finds lost aircraft, AeroFind Unlimited, search for answers to the mysterious disappearance. A Fisher Industries plane is sent to South America to rescue company executives from being captured by rebels. The few details known about the flight only hide the issue of what really happened. Sam and his team find evidence of a massive corporate conspiracy and discover the wife of the company founder may have smuggled a rare diamond in her luggage. The investigation sends the team into danger as attempts are made on their lives; the presence of a CIA covert operative raises the stakes. Efforts to help find the plane happen at the same time that steps are taken to keep its fate a secret. Can Sam give the closure Marc Fisher desperately needs and unravel the enigma of the doomed Learjet? Can the missing airplane be found, along with the missing diamond? Can Sam and his crew survive the attempts on their lives, and can they stop those behind the terrible plots? Desperate Flight tells the thrilling story.

by John R. Rossbach

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