Dr. Des Coveries and The Wild Bunch

Dr. Des Coveries and the wild bunch is a story about a fictional famous explorer and his animal friends. This story will introduce you to the explorer and some of his animal friends he calls the wild bunch. This is a story about the love and learning about kids and animals. Kids will learn about animals, exploration, and themselves. The first story in a future series is the introduction to Dr. Des and some of his animal friends. Hopefully, by reading this story, children will learn the basics of the animal world as they would in the elementary classroom. Des talks about warm- and cold-blooded animals with the help of Tilly the African Tortoise, Soni the Hedgehog, and Rocky Bal Boa. Question: do we shed our skin? The answer in this story may surprise you. Kids will learn this and other interesting fun facts from this book. Dr. Des Coveries and the wild bunch certainly know how to make learning fun.

by Gary Bussa

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