Dragon Knight Witch Fight

How do I (a seventeen-year-old witch) tell my soul mate (a two-hundred-year-old dragon prince) that Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) says I'm destined to die unless I discover the secret my ancestor hid centuries ago? I also discovered that witches and dragons are at war with each other. (Good thing he doesn't know I'm a witch.) We are also fighting a darkness that is evil and vile.On top of all that, fulfilling a prophecy that was written hundreds of years ago, and all this before my eighteenth birthday.Prophecy Part 1:She is the one that starts it all,as her powers begin with the call.The mother of the line that starts.She must realize not to keep them apart.Until the time a dragon falls in love with a witch,it will all change, there will be a switch.Until the fourth witch brings the end,life as she knows it will finally begin.Prophecy Part 2:The daughter of a daughter with air,with water must prepare.Her time is now,She must not bow.She must learn control,or never have her soul.Find the dragon that holds her heart,do all this or forever be apart.Looks like I'm going to be very busy, huh?

by D.L. Cornwell

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