Echoes of the Past

Maria learns her grandmother has passed away, she heads to Charleston, AZ. While at a dinner in Charleston she meets the handsome Gaven Dupont, a man with a difficult past. When Maria meets Kevin Smith, her grandmother's lawyer, she finds out she is to inherit the house, her personal belongings and all of her grandmother's stock. Little does she know how Gaven and her grandmother's house will change her life forever.

Gaven Dupont arrives in Charleston to help his brother with his work. He has not seen Charles since he was a teenager. While at a dinner he meets the beautiful Maria Grey. As Gaven laid in bed that night, memories of Charles and when his parents passed away filled his head. He remembered how Charles had to take care of both of them and Gaven wanted to move away as soon as he was old enough. Losing his parents was the reason Gaven hasn't had a serious relationship. For he was scared he would lose that person as well.

Will Maria be able to face what lies ahead? Will Gaven finally find love? Will Maria and Gaven defeat all odds?

by S. K. Sisco

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