Emerald Sword of Souls

This is the story of someone who wishes to avoid the duty placed upon him. Fate and destiny are cruel but just. Brought into this reality alone, Black Eagle avoids the path he was meant to follow. With two so-called stepbrothers trying to push him to their causes, he must learn to trust those around him and fight to make his own path. Some seek him out, and others avoid him.

Will Black Eagle be able to learn from his mistakes and losses? Can he find the power inside that is needed for the tasks at hand? Is he being tested for a battle he is unaware of? Or is his luck really that bad? His new friends becoming family to be tested to keep Black Eagle under control and safe from himself.

Black Eagle must keep his individuality and protect those he has grown to care about. If he fails, will one of his stepbrothers take control? Can a legendary sword help point him to his own path? Will he learn to listen to his new family? Black Eagle must learn that he is not alone and never will be.

Dive into this quirky adventures/misadventures along with Black Eagle as he fights new enemies and explores new worlds while he makes friends and family along the way.

by Forrest R. Blackova

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