Emeryville Stories

Hop on your bike and ride with Craig and Brian as they create and experience lessons and adventures. Sit on the wall with the whole gang and feel for yourself the warmth built from friendships and mutual experiences.Emeryville, a small town, nestled between two big cities and the San Francisco Bay, provides the perfect backdrop for fun and adventure.The author gives you a manual for growing up the right way with these memoirs from a different time, in a different place, in a unique way from an adult's point of view.From the admiration of older siblings to the dedication of best friends. Talents discovered and utilized and put to good use in reminiscences of a wonderful reflection of the author's childhood.Craig Webster combines memories, mirth, and shared ventures in this totally true, nonfiction, nothing-made-up book of memories from a childhood done the right way.Enjoy your bike ride as you experience Emeryville Stories.

by Craig Webster

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