Empires of the Abyss: Part 1 - Evil Awakens

Welcome to Olympus, a dwarf planet with a moon, which were both found to be habitable just as Earth was on the brink of nuclear war. Colonizing the planet became an immediate priority. However, the first settlers discovered they were not alone and a superior species was already doing the same. Eighty years later and peace has reigned. The two species have created a stable, prosperous, and moderately advanced society, with an accepted form of government fair to all. What they don't know however and what nobody was prepared for was a dormant evil. An evil that was ready to begin awakening . . . an evil none of them could be ready or prepare for.

Evil Awakens is the beginning to the Empires of the Abyss series, featuring interweaving tales from characters spanning the realm. Characters of diverse and different cultures come to life. This includes the humans, the superior and sizeable Olympian race, and the mysterious and powerful sorcerers known as Dajinn. One will also need to be wary of the giants known as Behemoths and the bloodthirsty beastmen who hunt for sport on Herculis . . . Olympus's moon.

Meanwhile, back in the savage and desolate landscape of Old Earth, William Cage is in a race to find the one man who can get him to this planet after discovering a dark secret. To do so, he must avoid some of the worst savages this place can offer, and getting over his dark past might prove to be even tougher than the men trying to hunt him. A tale riddled with violence, greed, deceit, power, suspense, and unprecedented evil never seen before. Evil Awakens kicks off the start to an unparalleled adventure in a society that has just learned to adapt. The question to ask is . . . will it last?

by Elias Billings

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