Eve A River Flowing: Poems

Book This collection of poems, Eve--a River Flowing, focuses on the crisis and comfort of Eve, the original woman.The book is split into two chapters, "Eve's Crisis" and "Eve's Comfort."Chapter 1, "Eve's Crisis," captures in the mind of the reader the things in the modern world that cause Eve crisis. Chapter 2, "Eve's Comfort," focuses on aspects of our world that give Eve comfort.The poems speak of God, spirit, the universe, Mother Nature, and the importance of our relationship to all of the above.They also speak of modern Western pop culture and its downfalls, the importance of the natural world, and the threat of technology to our primordial connections.Eve attempts through the poems to give humanity tips or guidance as to how we could "do better" and improve "life" for all and life with the earth.2

by Jane Bauer

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