Eyes of The Soul

Lucifer launches an attack against mankind by summoning the most notorious murderers of all time to return to earth from hell to take possession of some of the lost people of the world. These evil entities range from the first murderer of the world Cain, Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer, John Wayne Gacy, Albert Fish, and the Führer Hitler, along with Colin Dunhart, whom the City of New York called the Carnivore. These evil entities are able to manipulate the flesh of the people they take possession of and become who they once were. By the sixth month of the sixth day at the sixth hour, the transformation would be completed, and the body could not die.New York City Homicide Detective Samuel Griffen is in hot pursuit of these murderers. Detective Griffen has the ability to see these evil spirits for who and what they are. This ability he inherited from his family's bloodline of Nephilim. Not only can he see these evil entities; he has the ability to destroy them, because his eyes are the source of his power. Yet he still has weaknesses and strengths like any other man, which he struggles to conceal. Will Detective Griffen be able to stop the greatest evil in history before it's too late?

by Curtis Holmes

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