Faith in the Journey

Love is a moment, a feeling, a connection, and a faith. For a young man in Barnegat, it was everything he believed in. When he started the last year of high school with football dreams and choices already made, falling in love was the curveball he never saw coming. That last year would change his world. It would lead to a new path in life. For the young woman, it was all she knew of love, God's love and real love. She would never imagine of her last year being anything different than the other years of school. Who would know that one class would open her eyes to the different world than she was taught. Who knew in that class a friendship would be born, a love would blossom, and the beginning of the journey would start. Their love would be the story, one that starts with a beginning love and ends with faith. A loss will connect their love and open the heart to more than what meets the eye. It's about having faith in the journey we take in life. To quote Buddy Holly, “Life is a roller coaster.” Faith is the guide we don't see, and this story is message to that faith. It's Faith in the Journey.

by Michael Cohen

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