Family of the Heart

Family of the Heart is an intense story of a young woman coming of age in the early 1970s. Katrina, not always sure of herself, struggles with friendships that are degrading and humiliating until she moves to Sarasota, Florida. Here she makes lifetime friendships she claims as family. As she grows more sure of herself, she discovers her talent as a potter and makes her living as an artist.

Katrina becomes pregnant when she is young and unmarried, deciding to carry the child but then give her up for adoption. She spends the rest of her life struggling with this decision and looking for her firstborn child.

Family of the Heart weaves adventures and characters from an era that faced unique and previously unaccepted challenges. The characters are offbeat, unusual, and intriguing. Fall in love with their stories through letters, personal trials, and escapades.

by K.L. Watkins

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