FATE OF THE STARS : Surviving for Homeworld

As a war rages on in her homeworld of Etharzi, an Etharian princess named Ziza from the constellation of Lyra is sent to Earth where she is still pursued by her enemies from Etharzi. As she lands in an unknown world, she admires the beauty. But the serenity is short-lived when her pursuers land and try to capture her. A human named Anthony spots the landing of the two ships and rushes to assist and fights to protect her and takes her in as one of his own. But as if her enemies aren't enough, the government is on scene of the UFO landing site where they take the princess's ship to a base known as Dulce. Now she must re-acquire her ship from the base, all the while trying to fight off her enemies and seeking to get back home when her parents signal it's safe to do so. It won't be easy.

She has many obstacles in her way. Her enemies are trying to capture her, her ship has been taken away by the government, and her home is under attack. When it seems as if all hope is lost and her faith stretched thin, Anthony, who protected her on her arrival day, volunteers to help her and is now her only hope at surviving her time here on Earth as she seeks to retrieve her ship and fight off her enemies. They begin to make their way to Dulce, but Ziza feels they need more information about the base. They make a stop at a place only heard about in legend. They gain the layout of the base and gain some new friends along the way. Now they must make their way through the unimaginable and dangerous floors of Dulce to reach her ship to get home. Will they prevail and send Ziza home to save her world, or will her enemies prevail and use her to destroy the planet she once called home?

by Frank Anthony Maldonado

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