Fear: An American History: False Education Accepted as Reality

History is the foundation of all great societies. Willie authored this book to explore why throughout world and specifically American history, the seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century writers took upon themselves to manipulate or rewrite history in their image. His book is written to correct dates, times, and events that were changed, kept hidden, or forgotten. Willie has uncovered some hidden history that would explain why the world has entered its "end time." He learned how, because of fear, America's foundation is built on a bed of sand, not solid rocks. Sand that is slowly being washed away. He exposes the secrets as to how few people have caused so many to struggle for their mere existence on earth, how religion became the cornerstone for slavery throughout the world.

This book explains how and why ignorance and lies have caused so many divisions among the people in America and around the world. It further details how a coup d'état in early American history caused the majority of people in America to become deprived, struggling to survive in the richest society on earth. Finally, Turner explores how politics and politicians are leading great nations down the road of destruction and how greed and power have stirred so many people to worship wealth over our collective wellbeing.

by Willie Turner

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